Saint John KIA - Who can fix this problem?

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To the Company President,

I bought a KIA, 2005 on November, 2007. It still had the three year warranty left on it. Well taken care of by the previous owner , very clean and comfortable. It has good mileage, easy on gas...I just love it.

My husband, Wayne was also impressed with it, he even considered buying one for himself.

Since I had it, I have been in the shop, Saint John, Rothesay Ave numerous times. Three times I spent the whole day sitting in the service shop, hungry, tired and getting frustrated. The problem is with the radio. It has a static in it. After the third trip in, they replaced the radio. It turned out to be a temporary fix. Short lived. The static comes in quite loudly when I use my rear-view defroster. I cannot enjoy the news report or any music on my way to work in the morning or otherwise.

Once, they had picked up my car from me at work, had it all day, returned it. It seem they had fixed the problem. They told me they put some kind of weather barrier on the wires. Here just a day or so ago, it started again. So, here I am paying $430. per month for a car, I can't enjoy.

If you have anyone on your team who knows how to fix this problem, please notify me via email or the Saint John shop on Rothesay Ave.

Can you get the people at Saint John to fax over my file so you can have a look at how many times I have been there for the same problem? This is beginning to be a real nuisance for me.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could get back to me. My husband is not impressed any longer.

At your mercy...Linda Hall phone: 1-506-738-8463

27 Highfield Ave

Saint John, NB


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I just bought a 2003 kia sedona and the power steering is loud but they wont do any thing with it . i went to 4 deffient mich

and they all said it was the power steering pump but kia in saint john wont do anything about it please help me it is loud thanks mike

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